Smoking - Smoking is not permitted anywhere, indoors, on the property. This is the law in Mongolia. We have lots of provisions for outdoor smoking, however. There is no smoking allowed in any of our rooms, gers or cabins. During significant portions of the year, there can be a high risk of fire outdoors, here. We urge every one of our guests to be careful with any kind of smoking material, or open flames, on our property, AND throughout the park.

Open Fires - There are no open fires allowed on our property. Also, there is no cooking allowed in any of our gers, or cabins. No portable barbecues, or other types of cooking devices are allowed on the property. Occasionally, depending on the fire hazard, we will have a Campfire organized outdoors. For the pleasure of our guests. Please ask us to organize this, if you are interested.

Camping - There is no “camping” allowed on our property. We aim to provide a quality experience for discerning guests. There are any number of great places to “camp out” within the park.

Pets - "With permission, pets are allowed on the premises of Ayanchin Lodge. THey are NOT ALLOWED in any of the buildings, rooms, cabins, restaurant.....etc. The Owners have TWO REALLY FRIENDLY DOGS on the grounds. They SLEEP in the garage. They are ALSO not allowed in the restaurant or any other buildings. We do ask you not to feed them, or torment them…even though they are pretty sweet and tolerant. If you find the dogs tied up (which we do once-in-a-while), please do not release them.

Babysitting: Ayanchin Lodge doesn't a have baby-sitting service. Parents should take care of their children.

Public Restroom Facilities - We have no public restroom, or shower, facilities at the Lodge. All facilities are for the exclusive use of our guests.

Firearms and Weapons - There are no firearms, or weapons, of any type, allowed on our property. Also, it is against the law to discharge a firearm, within the boundaries of the park. Hunting, within the entire Park Area, is illegal. Please check the park management, at the Entrance, for the rules covering fishing.

Fireworks - Occasionally, during some Celebration Days, we shoot off some fireworks on the property. We are happy to ASSIST AND SUPERVISE this activity. Please consult with the Manager on Site, on this subject. Please no NOT set off any fireworks, on the property, without Management’s agreement and permission.

Noise Management - On weeknights, we ask that you keep the noise to a minimum, after 10:00 p.m. On Friday and Saturday night, we ask that you quiet down by midnight. Many of our guests come out to relax, and maybe even catch up on their sleep! We try and adjust these policies, based on who’s here. We attempt to accommodate.

Please be aware that our customers are liable for any damage inflicted on the property, or breakage to glassware, or hotel room interior items. Ayanchin Lodge is not responsible for any of your lost or stolen items. Please keep track of your personal items.