You will find plenty to do at Ayanchin Lodge. Both indoors, and outdoors. Also, Ayanchin Lodge represents a good base-of-operations for exploring Terelj National Park. 


So, what’s there to do?


We have a kid’s play area right out back of the Lodge buildings. It is pretty extensive, and includes all of the “normal kids stuff”. By the first of June (2015), we are also going to install a covered “climbing wall” out in this area. The play area is easily viewed from the restaurant, and most of the rooms.


We have a large terrestrial area that has a perimeter fence around it. This fence is there to keep the local livestock off of the property. This also enables you to stroll around the place- in a leisurely manner. There is a gazebo, in the children’s play yard, “out back”. And, a gazebo up in the woods, about 15 easy minutes up the hill.  We also have 2-3 marked trails that are progressively more difficult- depending on your capacity and the time you want to spend. The hardest trail takes you to the top of the mountain “out back”(about a 4-hour roundtrip). For all-day walks, we are able to give you directions for an “off-site” walk, and can pack you a lunch-to-go.


Bring your bike out. If you are visiting, we have bikes to rent. The park has a lot of Mountain Biking opportunities. And we have a maintained, intermediate bike track, on the property, that measures 1.5 kilometers in length, and starts, and returns, at the Lodge. All skill levels will be challenged here.


We have a horseback riding operation, and guide, next door to us. For those that want to ride, we call them up, and they deliver horses over here. They charge by the hour, and have a guide, and horses, for every experience level. 


There is an 18-hole golf course 3 kilometers up the road. It’s easy to have breakfast here, and be back for lunch. Or, play after lunch, and be back here for cocktails. The course is pretty good, and we would subjectively “slope rate” it, at around 145-150. They do have astroturf greens, but, all-in-all, it’s a pretty nice course. You’ll need a tee-time for this, and we are happy to set those up for you. 


We can do the above-listed trip, and incorporate some fishing into it….within the season. The Tuul River is “fair” for Lenoch. During the right time of the year, we can also go up on the Terelj River, and see what is going on there. We have a LIMITED amount of fishing gear….depending on what you want to do. Best time to go is in late August, and September. But, on short notice, sometimes May, June and July can be okay….depending on the condition of the water.


Our Game Room, which is in the Main Lodge, has a Regulation Snooker Table, a Football Table and a Ping Pong Table in it. We may even be able to find a Poker Table- complete with cards, chips…etc. We also have a collection of books and board games- in the event that you get “pinned down” in front of the fireplace. 


We have a dedicated indoor space for the children. Various games and activities are available here. 


There is also a dedicated Karaoke Room in the Main Lodge. This room includes a “full-blown” speaker system, and the latest sing-along material.

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