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Based on the traditional Mongolian ger, our American gers are originally from Colorado, USA. Colorado Yurt Company is established in 1976 and since then we are the first ones who brought these modern gers to Mongolia. 

GER # 1,2 They have each equipped with a King-size bed, 2 armchairs, coffee table and mini bar. 

GER # 3,4,5 They are for more family use, #3 has Queen-size bed + bunk bed, #4 has Queen-size bed + single bed, #5 has three single beds. They all have armchairs, coffee table and mini bar as well. All gers own their decks with table and benches.


Price: ₮300.0 per night (including breakfast)


GER # 1,2,3,4,5 We are so pleased to announce that we've changed our gers from 4 section ones to 5 section beautifully hand crafted gers in Feb 2018. These gers are equipped with four single American beds. They also have a table, four stools and floor heating system. These units are a “must experience” for those that have never stayed in a ger. 

Price: ₮300.0 per night (including breakfast)


All of the cabins are serviced by a modern shower/toilet facility that is located on the second floor of the new Lodge Building. This facility has a men’s side, and a women’s side to it. Each side has a private shower room, two stools, and two sinks. Hot-and-Cold running water is 24/7, and works all the time. Every day of the year. Access is via paved, well-lit pathways. Each cabin has a table, and two couch-chairs. They are well-lit, warm, and have a balcony on the front. The balcony has a two-seat, chair arrangement also. Cabins have electrical service and outlets. They are also spaced, and staggered, for privacy. 


CABIN #1,2,3,6,7 Double Occupancy. Cabin has one queen-size bed in it. Suitable for a couple.
CABIN #4,5 Four-Bed Occupancy. Cabin is equipped with two bunk beds. Suitable for up to four people.


Price: ₮250.0 per night (including breakfast)


These rooms are in our major hotel building, and are all equipped with private bathrooms that include a shower, stool and sink.

Room # 1,3,4 - Double Deluxe has a queen-sized, Sealy bed. Luxurious.
Room # 2 - Twin occupancy has two single beds in it. It is a bit smaller than the Deluxe Rooms, but has the same bathroom, and amenities.
Room # 5 - Family Suite has a private room with a queen-size, Sealy bed in it. It has a second private bedroom with three single beds in it. There is also a sitting room that adjoins these two bedrooms.


Price: ₮300.0 - ₮400.0 per night (including breakfast)


These rooms are in the new Lodge Building, that was completed in Year 2015. This is the round building, with the “ger-style roof” on it). All seven of these rooms are 40 square meters/room. They are divided into two rooms with one having a King-size bed in it, and the other having a twin bed, and living room suite. They are all equipped with in-suite bathrooms.These rooms are in our new Lodge Building, and are all equipped with private bathrooms that include a shower, stool and sink. Other amenities include a mini-bar, water boiler and hair dryer.

ROOMS #2,3 These three rooms are on the second floor of the new lodge building. They each occupy one quarter of the floor, and face North, East or South. d a living room suite.
ROOMS #1,4,5,6,7 These four rooms on the top floor of the new lodge building. They each occupy one quarter of the floor, and face either SW, SE, NW or NE. These rooms have vaulted ceilings and great views.


Price: ₮350.0  per night (including breakfast)

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